YFCI Global Training Team Maintains Organizational Standards

Youth for Christ International pic

Youth for Christ International
Image: yfci.org

A family amusement park in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A Maze’n Farmyard provides guests of all ages with access to numerous attractions and activities. These include everything from a giant slide and bounce barn to a 20,000-square-foot maze. Owned by Paul and Sheila Haag, A Maze’n Farmyard supports such organizations as Youth for Christ International (YFCI).

A worldwide Christian movement, YFCI works with young people in more than 100 nations. Because of its wide-reaching nature, the organization maintains a YFCI Global Training Team responsible for connecting the different countries the organization works in and providing assistance to youth ministry and coaching initiatives serving different YFCI nations. This team is also responsible for recommending and developing training resources and best practices for regional directors, volunteers, and staff, thus ensuring all international operations support the organization’s mission and values.

The YFCI Global Training Team focuses on training in four different areas: Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA). In addition to the general training programs offered by each YFCI area team, many countries working with the organization also have their own training programs set up. This ensures those living in a specific country have access to resources in their local language and that recognize the cultural diversity of each area.

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