Lessons Children Can Learn from a Visit to a Farm

A Maze'n Farmyard pic

A Maze’n Farmyard
Image: amazenfarmyard.com/

A Maze’n Farmyard has served as a notable landmark in Eden Valley, Minnesota, for more than 15 years. Families looking for an enriching and memorable outing can go to A Maze’n Farmyard to explore the barn and meet the animals.

Excursions to a fully functioning farm can be a rich educational experience for young children. Seeing where the food in the supermarket comes from is an eye-opening experience, especially for children who live in urban and suburban areas.

Often, a visit to a farm can inspire family discussions about where food comes from and encourage conversations about organic food and locally grown produce. Field trips to local farms can also deepen children’s appreciation of nature and make the connections between their lives and the natural world more apparent.

School teachers also can take advantage of this learning opportunity by combining the experience with curriculum objectives in science, health, and language arts. Likewise, parents can further the educational experience by planting a vegetable garden with their children at home.

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