Coaching Through Youth for Christ


Youth for Christ International pic

Youth for Christ International

Located in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A Maze’n Farmyard is a unique family amusement park featuring such attractions as a bounce barn, permanent maze, giant slide, and petting barn. Dedicated to helping its community, A Maze’n Farmyard supports such organizations as Youth for Christ International (YFC).

A worldwide Christian movement, YFC works with young people in various nations to ensure they have a chance to join a local church and become a follower of Jesus Christ. One of the many programs maintained by the organization is its coaching program. YFC Coaching helps individuals discover God’s plan for their life. Unlike mentoring, coaches do not have to have had the same experience as the person they are coaching. Instead, they just have to be committed to being there for another person and answering any questions that person may have.

Through YFC Coaching, individuals complete a three-step training program available through a partnership between CoachNet Global and YFC. This training begins with a two-day workshop that introduces volunteers to coaching. After that, a coach/mentor works with the volunteer for nine sessions over about six months. CoachNet connects these two individuals and gives them a platform through which to communicate. Finally, coaches maintain their qualifications by taking assessments through CoachNet every 12 to 18 months.

In an effort to bring coaching to numerous nations, all CoachNet material has been translated into Russian, Bengali, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. YFC is continuing to have the material translated into other languages, as well.


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