Socializing a Puppy Properly


Owned by Sheila and Paul Haag, A Maze’n Farmyard provides children and families with a day of fun. Complete with a giant slide, barn, permanent maze, and mini golf course, visitors of all ages can find something to do at the Minnesota-based amusement center. Families can also buy puppies at A Maze’n Farmyard to bring home with them.

An extremely important part of training a puppy is socializing it. This is best done when puppies are between the age of three and 12 weeks since they aren’t yet old enough to behave cautiously toward everything new they encounter. Once this point passes, socialization becomes significantly more difficult until about 18 weeks, when it’s much harder to teach a dog to feel comfortable around something new.

To ensure puppies are fully socialized, they must be socialized around humans and other dogs. Human socialization is often easier since it just requires that owners invite people to interact with the dog. All these people should understand how to interact with a new puppy so the dog doesn’t associate meeting new people with a negative experience. Daily walks are also a key part of socializing a puppy with humans since they place the dog in a public world with lots of different types of people.

Socializing a puppy with other dogs is a little more challenging since it usually involves taking the puppy to a different location. Dog parks, pet stores, and dog training classes are all good locations for socializing puppies with other dogs. Regardless of where they take their puppy, owners should make sure they have plenty of treats to encourage positive behavior and good interactions. They should also be cautious about the size of the dog a puppy is being introduced to as extremely small puppies shouldn’t be socialized with big dogs.


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