Meeker Cooperative Offers Solar Panel Installation Program

Meeker Co-op

A Maze’n Farmyard is a family-friendly attraction easily accessible from the Minnesota cities of St. Cloud and Willmar. A Maze’n Farmyard is managed by husband and wife team Paul and Sheila Haag, long-time members of the rural energy co-op Meeker Cooperative.

Members of the Meeker Co-op can qualify for the Meeker Member Solar Project, which leases out preinstalled solar panels for a 20-year period. In that time frame, each panel is expected to generate an average of 582 kWh annually.

The array, or group of panels, is located in Litchfield and is managed and maintained by Meeker. The solar site contains 96 panels and produces over 56,500 kWh per year. The program enables members to obtain energy from renewable, local sources without having to pay for the purchase, installation, or maintenance costs of solar panels.

Members can lease one or more panels and have three payment options. They can pay $175 upfront and 15 cents for each kWh generated, or pay $1,325 and receive an applied credit per kWh to their account. The final option combines a $975 payment with credits associated with the organization’s Peak Shave Water program.


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