Preparing for Your Puppy’s First Night

Puppy's First Night pic

Puppy’s First Night

At A Maze’n Farmyard, families and parties can pet, feed, or hold a variety of farm animals, including goats and chickens. Based in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A Maze’n Farmyard also offers puppies for sale so that visitors can take home the joy of interacting with a baby animal.

The first day and night with a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone in the household. For the puppy, however, it is also a challenging time filled with unfamiliar experiences, new sights and smells, and separation from familiar surroundings.

Puppies are primed by evolution to vocally express their discomfort when they are taken away from their families. It is not unusual for a new puppy to whine and cry throughout its first night, particularly if he or she is separated from the new family as well. Experts recommend that adoptive families resist the urge to place the puppy out of earshot, where he or she will be more nervous, and instead welcome him into the family’s space.

Because most small puppies are not yet house-trained, the safest and most sanitary option tends to be to set up a crate in or near the bedroom. This practice lets the new owners hear and respond to the puppy when he or she cries to go out. Ideally, someone in the family will take the puppy out before bedtime, though it is likely that he or she will need to go outside in the middle of the night as well.

The puppy may also need some physical reassurance from time to time. It is okay to reach into the crate and gently pet the puppy, which is particularly easy if the crate is near the bed. That way, if being in a crate creates anxiety, the owner can soothe the puppy before his or her cries of discomfort disturb other members of the household.


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