Fall and Summer Field Trips Offer Three-Hour Farm Experiences

A Maze'n Farmyard pic

A Maze’n Farmyard
Image: amazenfarmyard.com/

Opened in 2004 and located in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A maze’n Farmyard welcomes guests of all ages to engage in outdoor activities and learn about farm life in a fun and an educational atmosphere. A maze’n Farmyard also invites school groups to book field trips during the fall and summer seasons.

Summer and fall field trips provide students with a self-guided tour of the farm that includes a number of outdoor and animal interaction activities. Students will enjoy hands-on interactions with more than 30 different farm animals, navigate a year-round Challenge Maze, and receive the opportunity to play nine holes of mini golf. Additional attractions range from giant slides and train rides to a bounce barn that features five inflatable bounce houses. Schools may also bring picnic lunches beneath the on-site picnic shelters.

Field trips include a maximum of three hours at the farm and require a $50 nonrefundable deposit at the time of reservation. Organizers must also provide the expected number of children at the time of reservation, although they can adjust this figure up to a week prior to their visit. Children unable to make the field trip will receive vouchers provided they were included among those expected to attend. Vouchers expire one year from the date of the original field trip.


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