Becoming a Member of the MnPBA

Minnesota Pet Breeders Association pic

Minnesota Pet Breeders Association

A Maze’n Farmyard in Eden Valley, Minnesota, provides adventure and excitement to a wide variety of families. Centrally located between St. Cloud and Willmar, guests can enjoy activities such as mini golf, train rides, and a maze. A Maze’n Farmyard belongs to several professional organizations, including the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association (MnPBA).

The MnPBA is a not-for-profit organization founded by animal lovers and expert animal caregivers in 2005. Membership with the organization is open to all individuals, organizations, and firms that market and breed pets or are otherwise involved in the pet breeding industry. These groups and individuals must function in accordance with state and federal laws regarding pet breeding.

There are four primary membership options offered by the MnPBA. Regular members must pay $35 per year to maintain their membership. This fee covers newsletters, seminars, and special events organized by the organization. Associate members include individuals and groups who meet all membership requirements, but live outside of Minnesota. While the fees are the same, associate members cannot hold office.

Junior members must pay fees of $5 per year and are individuals involved in the industry who are under the age of 18. They cannot vote or hold office with the organization. Finally, honorary members are those individuals who are recognized or honored by the MnPBA.


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