Tips for House Training Puppies

House Training Puppies pic

House Training Puppies

A Maze’n Farmyard provides amusement and education for families through its various attractions. Established in 2004, A Maze’n Farmyard also offers different puppy breeds for sale.

After buying or adopting a puppy, new dog owners immediately begin the process of house training. House training teaches good behavior and allows owners to establish a bond with the new pet. Here are some tips in house training a puppy:

Establish a feeding schedule – This helps dog owners anticipate the bowel movements of their pet.

Take the puppy out frequently – Puppies usually eliminate each morning, after meals, and after taking a nap. Taking puppies outside trains them to eliminate outdoors, thereby reducing the hassle of cleaning up after them.

Recognize signs – A puppy often gets uneasy and agitated when it needs to go. Some common signs are barking, circling, and whining. Recognizing these signs helps owners identify the right time to take the puppy outdoors.

Have the puppy eliminate in the same spot – Dogs have a strong sense of smell, which helps them recognize their scent. Having them eliminate on the same spot also helps keep the owner’s yard clean.

Reward the puppy for good behavior – After it eliminates outdoors, always reward the puppy with a treat, a nice ear rub, or a walk around the neighborhood to encourage good behavior.


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