Budgies – Social and Highly Intelligent Parakeets

A Maze'n Farmyard pic

A Maze’n Farmyard
Image: amazenfarmyard.com

Located between Willmar and St. Cloud off of Highway 55, A Maze’n Farmyard offers families a scenic rural Minnesota spot for fun and educational outings. In addition to a 21-foot slide, an obstacle course, and an inflatable bounce barn, A Maze’n Farmyard offers visitors a wide range of farm animals to feed and pet. A parakeet barn allows visitors to go inside and feed the birds.

The parakeet, originally from Australia and related to parrots, is a diverse species that includes budgerigars, or budgies. Popular as pets, budgies come in a multitude of colors and are extremely intelligent. Active and social birds, they can learn tricks and effectively mimic human speech.

The key to happy budgies is keeping them stimulated and entertained, and visitors at A Maze’n Farmyard provide this social interaction. Parakeets show their cheerful mood by talking, singing, whistling, and wagging their tail feathers.


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