Safety Tips for Visiting a Petting Zoo


Petting Zoo pic

Petting Zoo

At A Maze’n Farmyard, children can meet and pet a variety of live animals, ranging from alpacas to parakeets. A Maze’n Farmyard is dedicated to helping all family members have a fun and safe visit with the animals and at the other farmyard attractions.

When visiting a petting zoo, families must be aware that even the most lovable of baby animals are still animals. Animals may carry germs that are communicable and dangerous to human beings, but simple and easy-to-follow precautions can help each family to keep its members safe.

First, all family members must remember to wash their hands immediately after touching the animals or their enclosures. Visitors should also wash before eating or preparing food, after using the bathroom, and after leaving the animal area. These guidelines should be observed even if an individual visitor did not directly touch an animal.

Visitors should also take care not to eat and drink within the animal enclosure. Food, plates, cups, and silverware need to stay out of animal areas to remain sanitary, as do any items that a child might put in his or her mouth.

Similarly, children and adults alike should avoid coming into contact with anything that has been in the animal’s mouth. This means no animal kisses, as the most common contagious infections are easily transmitted through saliva.


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